Through the medium of creative, social photography I am committed to education and my passion for issues that I have chosen to study and explore. My intrinsic interest in people has made photography a stimulating, rewarding and natural activity.

I am a photographer who embraces challenges. I am a collaborative photographer who relishes working with people where relationships are established and maintained. My camera has enabled me to meet diverse sections of the community. An integral element of being an effective photographer is learning and obtaining an understanding of issues, which surround my subjects. This challenging process has made an impact on my development as a photographer.

Having enjoyed a fulfilling and successful career in the world of teaching and education, my interest in photography was ignited whilst living in California. My formal photography education started at the College of San Mateo, which resulted in being invited to join the fraternity of the Phi Theta Kappa Honour Society. On returning to England, I continued my photographic development as a student at the Cambridge School of Art, where I was awarded a 1st Class Honours Degree (2011). Having now gained a distinction in a Printmaking M.A. (2014) at the Cambridge School of Art, my objective as a photographer is to continue collaborating with those whose stories are neglected. Through exhibitions and presentations my intention is to stimulate discussion and questions, within the frame and outside the frame, about those whom I photograph.

My photographic style blurs the boundaries between portraiture and social reportage. Although I continue to find processing and developing images in the dark-room (colour and black/white) to be exciting and satisfying I now incorporate digital imaging within my portfolio. Projects continue to be shot with film ( 120/35mm) in conjuction with digital photographs. Indeed I am delighted to be able to foster young students' enthusiasm for dark-room activities whilst teaching at The Leys School in Cambridge.