Exhibitions and presentations are important venues for my work. These opportunities allow some of the realities of those that I have had the privilege to interact with, learn about and photograph to be shown and exposed.

CamIris Exhibition : 2♀ Years - Those who care...

11-10-2014 to 12-10-2014(CLOSED)

Cambridge Art Works, Cambridge

Platform... Those who care

04-09-2014 to 11-09-2014(CLOSED)

Ruskin Art Gallery, Cambridge School of Art

The Person Beneath...

22-11-2013 to 08-12-2013(CLOSED)

The Corridor, Ruskin Gallery : Cambridge

It will all come out in the wash

13-08-2013 to 22-08-2013(CLOSED)

Spackman Building, Museum of Technology, Cambridge

Freudian Slips and CamIris are working in collaboration in order to produce this exciting and innovative exhibition It Will All Come Out In The Wash.

The Person Beneath...

14-04-2013 to 01-07-2015(CLOSED)

Woolf Institute, Cambridge

Several images taken whilst shooting in Transylvania were published in the Woolf Institute's Special Celebratory Issue (May 2012) of Perspectives. These photographs were incorporated in the feature researched and written by Doctor Margaret Greenfields, Gypsies, Jews and Post-Shoah Political Solidarity.

The Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition - Roma : Transylvania : January 2011

08-03-2013 to 28-04-2013(CLOSED)

York St. Mary's Art Gallery, York

Art in Yorkshire - Goes Contemporary

Printers Inc - The Person Beneath...

16-02-2013 to 25-02-2013(CLOSED)

St. Edmund's Cathederal Gallery, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk

A school in a paddy field...

16-02-2013 to 01-07-2015(CLOSED)

Aysha Academy Trust, Bedford

Irish Traveller Annual Conference : Wheels in Motion - Who We R

15-11-2012 to 15-11-2012(CLOSED)

Irish Traveller Movement in Britain, Resource Centre. Holloway Road, London

Printers Inc - The Person Beneath...

07-11-2012 to 13-11-2012(CLOSED)

R.K. Burt Gallery, Union Street, London

Cambridge Camera Club Annual Exhibition : Distinction Board - Roma : Transylvania : January 2011

29-10-2012 to 03-11-2012(CLOSED)

Cambridge Camera Club Annual Exhibition : Distinction Board : The Guildhall, Cambridge

Gypsy Lore Society International Annual Conference - Roma : Transylvania : January 2011

19-08-2012 to 24-08-2012(CLOSED)

Beyoğlu Gallery, Istanbul

Gathering Threads - Roma : Transylvania : January 2011

18-05-2012 to 14-06-2012(CLOSED)

The Cambridge Buddist Centre, Cambridge

Winter Warmer - Identity and Culture

12-11-2011 to 14-11-2011(CLOSED)

Cambridge Art Works, Cambridge

Cut Grass - Roma : Transylvania : January 2011

23-06-2011 to 27-06-2011(CLOSED)

Free Range Art, Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London

Amelia's Magazine

Cut Grass - Roma : Transylvania : January 2011

02-06-2011 to 12-06-2011(CLOSED)

Ruskin Gallery : Cambridge

Cambridge School of Art

Relaunch of the all-digitial Ruskin Gallery - Roma : Transylvania : January 2011

09-05-2011 to 28-05-2011(CLOSED)

Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge

BBC News - In pictures

Identity and Culture

01-12-2010 to 30-01-2011(CLOSED)

Ruskin Gallery : Cambridge

Exclusive Education: Marginalisation and Gypsy/Travellers Symposium - Identity and Culture

31-05-2010 to 31-05-2010(CLOSED)

Clephan Building, De Montfort University, Leicester